Movie Making is fun

Really, it is.

It’s a hoot. A hoot, I tell you.

Mind you, it is a bit time-consuming; right now I’m waiting for 963 photographs to load into iMovie, which is going to take another 11 minutes.  And of course, one must actually take all those photographs, which means lots of moving things a very small amount and taking photographs each time.  It’s a bit maddening, honestly; I have no idea how people do stop motion with models and bendy legs and stuff, because that would reduce me to a quivering mass of incoherent babbling.

Fortunately, I have a very co-operative cast.  Everyone works together very nicely; no one ever has a spat or complains about the lack of chairs and hot coffee.  No one has ever asked me what their motivation is, or gotten to the set late or hungover.

The cast in action.

Best of all, they work dirt cheap, yet turn in a perfect performance every time.  It amazes me, really.

Then there’s the editing and the music selection and the making of credits and thinking up a title and naming new cast members and whatnot.  All fun, particularly on days so hot, you just want to crawl into your freezer.  Which today is.  And since my pictures are now loaded into iMovie, I should get out of the freezer and start cracking.